Masada Healthcare Consulting is dedicated to provide our clients with the most up to date training and information. From realistic self-defense skills, to ever evolving regulatory compliance needs with the latest evolution of regulations, MHC will assure that its clients receive the most accurate and relevant information as applicable to their unique situations and needs.


About Us

Masada Healthcare Consulting was established in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing healthcare organizations realistic tools to mitigate the rise of workplace violence incidents.

By developing tools and strategies that are both effective while remaining acutely aware of patients’ safety and rights, MHC offers programs that are proven to lower litigation and liability concerns and increase morale among associates and staff.


MHC skills are realistic and in compliance with the strict regulations posed by oversight committees.



  • “I am consistently impressed by Masada’s ability to address organizational geographic, demographic, and unique mission factors into the presentation of all its services. Masada also seamlessly merged other facets of our overall security initiative into anall-encompassing and mutually supporting Security Program, addressing Personnel Security, Physical Security, Violence Prevention, Security (Law Enforcement) Response, and Staff Safety to name a few.”

    Mark Diaz
    Deputy Director for Administration, Readiness and Operations
  • “Our staff learned incredibly effective and simple skills in order to improve safety from violent patients, aggressive family members and anyone who may arrive on our campus which may pose a threat to our hospital or our patients. One officer stated that this is the “best thing that GBMC has done in the 10+ years” that he was employed here.”

    Jeffrey P. Sternlicht, M.D., F.A.C.E.P
    Chairmen, Department of Emergency Medicine Medical Director, Emergency Preparedness
  • “The Masada team handles the training process exceptionally well and are always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions to challenges of Workplace Violence inevitably occurring in the healthcare industry today.”

    Kurt Campo
    Security Operations Coordinator