Masada Tactical

Regulatory Compliance

‚ÄčAssuring that your organization remains in full compliance with Joint Commission and CMS regulations is our priority.
Through continuous evaluation of policies, training programs, and event analysis, MHC assures that your organization is protected from possible liability.

Security Training

From verbal de-escalation to effective use of defensive force, MHC training programs prepare security professionals in the healthcare field to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare environment.

Healthcare Professioanal Training

MHC aims to protect those identifed by the Department of Labor as beeing in the highest risk for workplace violence: clinical staff. Through realistic and holistic approach to self-defense MHC can provide healthcare professionals with the tools to protect themselves.

Healthcare Security is our mission!

Masada Healthcare Consulting is dedicated to provide our clients with the most up to date training and information. From realistic self-defense skills, to compliance with the latest evolution of regulations, MHC will assure that its clients receive the most accurate and relevant information as applicable to their unique situations and needs.


According to a srvey conducted by the Association of Emergency Nurses, 54.8% of nurses documented experiencing some sort of workplace violence against them!